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Product Specifications - M22
M22 In-line Multivariable Mass Vortex Flowmeter
Feature 1: Multivariable Option
V Volumetric flowmeter for liquid, gas and steam
VT Velocity and temperature sensors
VTP Velocity, temperature and pressure sensors
VT-EM Energy output options
VTP-EM Energy options with pressure sensor
Feature 2: Flow Body
04 1/2-inch Nominal Bore (15mm)
06 3/4-inch Nominal Bore (20mm)
08 1-inch Nominal Bore (25mm)
12 1.5-inch Nominal Bore (40mm)
16 2-inch Nominal Bore (50mm)
24 3-inch Nominal Bore (80mm)
32 4-inch Nominal Bore (100mm)
48 6-inch Nominal Bore (150mm)
64 8-inch Nominal Bore (200mm)
Feature 3: Meter Body Material
C Carbon Steel
S 316 Stainless Steel
H Hastelloy
Feature 4: Process Connections
150 ANSI 150# Flange
300 ANSI 300# Flange
600 ANSI 600# Flange
W Wafer ANSI 600#
16 PN 16
40 PN 40
64 PN 64
Feature 5: Electronics Enclosure
L NEMA 4X Enclosure
R Remote Electronics NEMA 4X.
Specify cable length:
Feature 6: Display Options
DD Digital Display and Programming Buttons
ND No Display
Feature 7: Input Power
DCL 12-36VDC required on loop powered meters and 1AHL only
DCH 12-36VDC Four Wire - use with 1AH, 1AM, 3AH, 3AM
AC 85-240VAC 50/60 Hz line power, 12 watts - used with 1AH, 1AM, 3AH, 3AM
Feature 8: Output
1AHL Loop powered option - one analog output (4-20mA), one pulse, HART, DCL input power only
1AH One analog output (4-20 mA), one alarm, one pulse, HART Communication Protocol, DCH or AC option only
1AM One analog output (4-20 mA), one alarm, one pulse, MODBUS Communication Protocol, DCH or AC option only
3AH Three analog outputs (4-20 mA), three alarms, one pulse, HART (VT,VTP only), DCH or AC option only
3AM Three analog outputs (4-20 mA), three alarms, one pulse, MODBUS (VT,VTP only), DCH or AC option only
Feature 9: Temperature Options
ST Standard temperature -330° to 500°F, (-200 to 260C)
HT High temperature 750°F (400°C)
Feature 10: Pressure Options
P0 No pressure sensor
P1 Maximum 30 psia (2 barg), Proof 60 psia (4barag)
P2 Maximum 100 psia (7 barg), Proof 200 psia (14barag)
P3 Maximum 300 psia (20 barg), Proof 600 psia (41 barag)
P4 Maximum 500 psia (34 barg), Proof 1000 psia (64 barag)
P5 Maximum 1500 psia (100 barg), Proof 2500 psia (175 barag)

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